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New 2007 Meerkat 50 50CC ATV Kids 4 Wheeler Quad
Engine : 49cc Air Cooled 4 stroke (No need to mix oil and gas)
Max Power (Kw/rpm) : 2.3/8500
Max Torque (N/M/rpm) : 3.0/5000
Start : Electric with a set of keys
Transmission : Semi-Automatic No Hand Clutch
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 44.09" x 24.1" x 28.75"
Seat Height : 22.4"
Weight : 156.2 LBS
Weight Capacity : 88 LBS
Tires : 14.5 x 7 x 6
Brakes : Rear Drum
Suspension : Rear Mono Shock
Fuel Capacity: 4.5 L
Safety Features : New watercraft style kill switch, walk behind Kill Switch, Speed Limiter, Headlight
Warranty: 6 months on Engine & 3 months for Parts on manufacturer defect.
Safety: Speed Restrictor (Governor) You can adjust this down to 5 MPH while your child is learning to ride the ATV.
Extra large brake for fast stopping.
Easy to use auto kill switch. Pictured below.

Emergency Engine Cut Off rear control. Attach a cord to the auto cutoff attachment and walk behind the child while riding. Pull the cord to cut of the engine in case of emergency. Pictured below.

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