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New X-Large Tyvek Lab Coats with Pockets
Features :In environments where you need protective clothing, you know you're likely to brush up against something rough or jagged. That can be a brush with danger if you're depending on a protective barrier made with laminated porous film, because micro porous films rely on a thin barrier that can easily be scratched through or peeled off. That can't happen with Tyvek®. Tyvek® doesn't depend on a barrier coating to protect you. Tyvek®® is an inherent barrier, through and through. In independent garment testing, Tyvek® proved to be more than twice as durable as micro porous film and SMS garments. Tyvek is tougher than ever, with a work-to-break that is 25% better than traditional Tyvek®. Tyvek® Protective Wear™ meets or exceeds ANSI 101-1996 sizing requirements, and are required to pass dynamic fit tests to minimize rips and tears.

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